Our Dream

Scripture tells us in Acts that there came a time when the ‘believers multiplied greatly”(Acts 6:7). Our dream is that we wouldn’t just see a church formed, but a movement of God in such a way that believers are rapidly multiplying on a daily basis. Because of this, we dream of being:

A Spiritual Refuge

We dream of a place where those who are far from Christ can come and find a place to belong. We envision a place that gives hope to the hopeless around us. We desire to see a body of believers that encourages one another, builds one another up, holds one another accountable and welcomes all people no matter their background or place in life. We envision a place where people experience life together in genuine community and where people grow spiritually.

A Source of Relevance

We dream of being a church that is involved in the community and world around in a way that demonstrates faith and impacts lives.. We desire to demonstrate Godly truths in relevant ways that address daily issues that we all face. We envision a community of believers that brings relevance to the questions about life, death, God and eternity.

A People who are Real

We dream of being a place where people can be real. God didn’t make all Christians to be exactly the same. We desire to see people become who it is God made them to be. In the process, we want to be a place where real problems are solved and real needs are met as people grow in a relationship with God.

A People of Grace and Truth

We dream of a church where grace abounds and God’s Word is honored as ultimate authority in this world and is valued as truth in order to live an abundant life in Christ.

A People of Action

We dream of a church where everyone is actively serving, in and through the church, to make a visible, noticeable and tangible difference on behalf of Christ in the real problems that exist around us.