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Sunday Worship Service

August 28, 2016

Worship with us at 220 N Massey Blvd in Nixa.  We’re located just behind Walgreens and McDonald’s on Hwy 14. We will be meeting together to celebrate the greatness of God as we worship Him through singing and hearing a message from His word that will be biblically based and relevant to our lives today. […]

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Refuge Church is a movement of real people with real problems that fully embrace hope in a real God who are determined to make their lives count for something greater than themselves!
We are not a building, we are a body. We are not an event, we are a community. We do not pretend to have it all together. We know the one who holds it all together and is the source for our deep-seated joy, his name is Jesus.
We'd love to have you join us on the journey!

Archived Sermons

Reckless: Misinterpreting Jesus

In Bible times, Jesus had many people that would come to see Him speak, watch Him perform miracles, & believe in the power He had & the dream of what He could do in the future. Yet many of those believers left when the road became tough. In our culture today, there seems to be […]

Reckless: Walking on Water

Recklessness can be understood as someone who acts without thinking or caring about the consequences of their action.  The Apostle Peter is one of those guys who could be labeled as reckless in his actions. He often acted before he thought things through. In his eagerness to follow God, he would sometimes get ahead of himself in his actions.  Yet God […]

Core Values: Multiply Everything

Multiplication is initiated by God and is a part of His overall plan.  God expects us to increase exponentially. There should be evidence of our faith in our individual lives as well as in the life of our church. Multiplication is bearing the fruit of our labors as we seek to honor God in all that we do.  Listen in […]