Sunday Worship Service

October 30, 2016

Worship with us at 220 N Massey Blvd in Nixa.  We’re located just behind Walgreens and McDonald’s on Hwy 14. We will be meeting together to celebrate the greatness of God as we worship Him through singing and hearing a message from His word that will be biblically based and relevant to our lives today. […]

Small Group Locations


Refuge Church is a movement of real people with real problems that fully embrace hope in a real God who are determined to make their lives count for something greater than themselves!
We are not a building, we are a body. We are not an event, we are a community. We do not pretend to have it all together. We know the one who holds it all together and is the source for our deep-seated joy, his name is Jesus.
We'd love to have you join us on the journey!

Archived Sermons

The Ghost: God wants to Change You from the Inside Out

Change is rough on the body, but it is natural for any living being to grow.  With that growth naturally comes change. God meets each of us in the midst of our brokenness, but he doesn’t leave us there. He will radically change us, from the inside out, to look like Jesus. Listen in as we […]

The Ghost: How to be Filled with the Spirit

God wired us to be influenced because he wants to be our great influencer! Being influenced is not a choice, but who you allow to be your primary influences are a choice we either make intentionally or passively. Listen in as we learn how we can intentionally allow God to become a primary influencer in our lives!

The Ghost: The God Who Made Everything Wants to Live in You

The Holy Ghost has been called many names and normally these names refer to an aspect of His ministry. The sad thing is that many of us often discount the power of The GHOST and some even deny His existence. Many often become fascinated with The GHOST’S manifestations more than they become fascinated with Him. […]